How to Do Ios in 3 Days


Ah, Ios. I would like to rename this beautiful place Party Island, respectively. Here's a quick snapshot of the post!

Bars I recommend

+ Fun Pub
+ Jagerbar
+ Slammer Bar

Where I crashed

+ Far Out Village 

Activities I recommend

+ Pirate Ship cruise! - Private beach docking + jumping into the Aegean Sea (no pirate costumes required)
+ Exploring the small, quaint, town of Hora (grab a crepe!)
+ Dancing on a table and/or bar (I dare you!)

Now onto the rambling...


Party Island - Day 1

How I suggest you take on your arrival day is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a few calming hours enjoying the island views and the beach. You'll need all your energy for later when I suggest you get ready for an exciting first night out. The scene here isn't fussy about dress code either, it's island life baby! So go ahead, put your fun pants on.

For my own experience we arrived first at Far Out Village. Enter: Pool, hammocks, private beach, cabanas, outdoor restaurant/bar, and an AWESOME included breakfast (or shall i say smorgasbord). There's definitely a reason they call it "Far Out" as it is quite far out, or downhill, from the center of town (Hora). But the amenities would make me come here again and again.

My first night started off by grabbing a scrumptious meal at FO Village, then celebrating my birthday at Fun Pub. I can still hear the joyous chorus of "Happy Birthday" being sung loudly in the deserted street at midnight. There would be a slew of shots afterward, consumed at Jagerbar. And I tell you what, while in Greece, dancing, and dancing on the tables/bars in particular: Mandatory. Just embrace it. Let your inner vacation freak loose.

Second thing that comes to my mind was having that cough I couldn't shake, a pulled calf muscle still haunting me from Santorini, and getting, oh, roughly 3 or 4 hours of sleep every night.

But, of course, this is all irrelevant.

Pirate Ship Day! - Day 2

On your second day, I suggest you take to the seas. In a pirate ship. Because regular ships are just so last year.

I wish I could find a business website or name for this company, but this baby is pretty hard to miss, it literally sits at the dock where you arrive from the ferry and takes you out sailing for the day to a private beach. Bring your swimmers because it will also make a stop along the way so you can "jump ship" and take a swim about in that beautiful blue aegean sea. Very relaxing while at the same time hosting a bit of a unique adventure for you. 

Exploring Hora - Day 3

Spend your last day exploring Hora, especially the church at the top of the hill (Panagia Gremiotissa - can't miss it). It's a pretty small town, you can see most of it in less than 2 hours getting lost on your typical winding, cobbly streets! And remember you can't ever really get lost, down is always way back! Don't forget to stop for some crepes, savory or sweet, whatever your desire. We sure did!

Panagia Gremiotissa - The church of Virgin Mary Gremiotissa is the trademark of the island. 

Panagia Gremiotissa - The church of Virgin Mary Gremiotissa is the trademark of the island. 

After buying some souvies and having our fill of crepes, we wandered back to Far Out village to relax at the beach and play with our underwater cameras. However, if you still have a bit of energy brewing around, I suggest you do what we did and take to the jet skis or tubing.

Laying on our suntanned bellies gripping the ropes of an inner tube for dear life, the six of us girls were pulled around by jet ski in the small bay area against the beach. At the end, the girls all got t-shirts, and I got a dastardly eye infection. Which apparently happens when your eyes take on copious amounts of salt water with an immune system that's already jacked from the cold from H-E-L-L. But enough about me...

If you aren't quite ready to hit the sheets after dinner and want to make a really unique memory in Ios I suggest you visit a little bar called Slammer Bar - I regrettably missed this (cue: eye infection) - but my friends would recommend you try the infamous Slammer with the Hammer. Read: Put on a helmet, kick back a strong drink and get hit over the head with a hammer, or any other suitable object (a chair, for instance). This is the stuff of legends people, you'll instantly have an epic story to share with all your friends when you get back home!